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So the other night, I watched about 10 minutes of Cold Case before giving up on it, but it was a veritable who's who of where are they now. Cast members from one of my favourite TV shows that's no longer being made and from my favouritest movie ever were in it, as well as a cast member who left one my least favouritest TV shows ever to go make movies ...

Are you confused?

The episode was Volunteers.

Buffy's Amber Benson was there, ok as "dead body", but she had a couple lines at the start before she got shot. Hmm, she got shot in Buffy too. For Buffy fans out there, she's now dating the dude who played Warren. Who shot her. Now *that's* irony.

Then there was the chick who plays Shannon in Lost (in a brown wig)... the wig threw me, that and the fact that I can't stand Lost ... but I recognised her eventually ....

And the evil Prince - yes, Humperdinck from The Princess Bride (Chris Sarandon) was a sleazy Life Coach. You could just see him telling his pupils "I always think everything is a trap. Which is why I'm still alive." ... And prefacing every claim with "Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong ..."

And (I can't resist one more..) "I knew it! I knew you were bluffing! I knew he was .. <gulp> bluffing"

So, once again, credit for this post's inspiration goes to The Man. He's so helpful.

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Cold case, sounds like a blog entry to me, since you are card carrying, buffy and princess bride, FANatic and very anti-lost.


  1. Jarvina said...
    omg - I happened to watch the same Cold Case (also my first one ... hey, I was bored). And I stopped when I saw Amber Benson too, but totally missed the other cameos.

    Tara's going out with Warren? sigh. Stop tha Intarweb.
    bec_cheesy said...
    I didnt watch cold case on monday night but i had seen that episode before as it was, like everything else on tv, a repeat! But all those cameos elduded me the first time unfortunately.
    butercup said...
    Hahahaha - you both crack me up. And now I hang my head in shame for being so obsessed with Buffy and the Princess Bride ... ;)

    And for being so obsessed with hating Lost that I know all the characters' names and faces. And habits. And ... (stopping now)
    Anonymous said...
    If you're going to quote me, could you at least fix up my writing? I've got a semi-professional image as a writer to maintain and a person should not be judged on the lack of quality in their emails. Thanks.

    Oh and btw, I'm going to convert you to liking Lost, well maybe not liking, just not hating.
    Anonymous said...
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    Hiren Joshi said...
    See, the thing is with Lost is that it's really really annoying to watch it as an episodic TV show. I can't be bothered waiting for the next twist not to be revealed. So what you have to do is record it all or ahem, borrow some um.. tapes of the entire season, and then watch it in one go.

    That said, the pseudo-religious crap is getting on my nerves this season, and it's all starting to sound eerily like that other big let down - The Matrix sequels. You can literally see the heads of the writers disappearing up their own backsides.

    24, however, has no pretenses of being intellectual. It's about people being blown up, shot, stabbed, poisoned, gassed, and shouted at. And that's only what Jack Bauer does. Unfortunately, it's still got that whole religious undercurrent - what with the number of times that Jack Bauer has risen from the dead to save the world.

    I still haven't watched Veronica Mars yet though.

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