Well, I dunno.

So I'm still hanging around on Facebook and yes it's eating my life. Sad really. But if you know me and know me on FB then you've read my apology and so now you can all stop gloating and instead laugh over D™'s lack of resistance to it.

So anyway one of the time-wasting joys on FB is the "Are you like me" application where you rank 10 items from most true to least true, and see how well your choices match to your friends' choices. Sometimes it's eerie - the number of matches I have with Hiren is just uncanny. But I've just been sent a link to the "Your wildest dreams" quiz and I'm stuck.

If the choices are these:

.. and others in the same vein, then I have no idea. I honestly don't want any of these because each one has a significant downside, in my opinion. So maybe I should rank them in order of least- rather than most- wantedness ... but what really concerns me is that I don't think I have any "wildest dreams" - not that I have identified recently anyway. Have I really become so content with my lot? Or rather, does it just mean that I've lost my imagination and got stuck in the practical realities of day to day life with the peanut? What a sad thought.

I do have some dreams, but I wouldn't call them wild. I don't think FB has a quiz that has these answers, so I might as well blog about them :)

  • See Peanut grow into a lovely adult;
  • Go back to work and move ahead in my project management career;
  • Find some new books to read;
  • Have a long and happy life with D™, Peanut, and maybe a sibling for her;
  • Travel to France and spend maybe a month there;
  • Go skiing in Colorado, no, wait - just go skiing again, anywhere!!
These things aren't all that wild and most of them I have some control over and so I will be able to pretty much achieve them. Does that make me into a more boring person because I don't want to be a sports star or win a million dollars?


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